Seeking help/Advice: Using Obsidian for SEO Management

I am new to Obsidian and trying to assess if it could be used for my use case. I am looking for a tool to document each of the URLs on my travel website, the primary and semantic keywords for that page and link up pages in silos of pages that are semantically related. I would also like to be able to input hundreds of LSI keywords that will form the basis of a content plan to create articles for in the future.

I guess I am just trying to understand the best way to start and structure things.

Is it practical to have each keyword (potentially thousands) as a separate entity. And then each URL as a separate entity? How can I allocate a keyword to one or more pages?

I can’t quite get my head around how to structure since keywords can be related to each other in clusters (important), same for URLS, and to have the ability to track relationships between all of these which for each entity can be multi directional connections.

As an aside, being able to import keywords (csv) would be important. URLs on the other hand can be manually entered because theya re less numerous and the site is relatively new with 200-odd URLs, so manageable to manually enter.

I have searched online, YT etc and cannot find any documented use of Obsidian in this way.

I would be incredibly grateful if anyone were to share insights or suggestions.

Cheers Simon

Hi Simon,

I am not sure about how you’ll be importing your keywords, because right now that seems to be the most work.

You see, people starting out with Obsidian from scratch can over time find out the best way to organize their data. They may not start out using frontmatter metadata, only tags, but as they grow, they change how they structure everything.

Migrating huge amounts of data needs a plan. I did it the hard way.

Seems like you need

  1. to think about using a tagging system (I just don’t see how you will migrate keywords for these tags programatically);
  2. metadata (learn about YAML, frontmatter and the new Properties in Insider builds);
  3. for structuring and semantically related ideas I recommend setting up the Linked Data Vocabularies community plugin.

All needs manual do as you go along kind of work. That’s the hard part about metadata and staying consistent with it.

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Hi @gino_m Thank you so much for your advice - that is definitely putting me on the right thinking path. I will also check out that plugin- sounds interesting. Cheers Simon

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