Seeking Daily Notes and Properties, Trackers, Dataviews Advice

Background & Context

I’m fairly new to Obsidian but am all in – this is a dream tool. A tinkerer’s dream, or a simple, straight forward, no friction notes app. Your choice.

I’m a tinkerer, but NOT a software engineer. But I’m also opinionated about how I want my tools to look and work. Obsidian seems to provide incredible opportunity to “build” just about anything, and with only minimal technical skills – perfect for me!

Daily Notes Properties Advice Needed

I use a variety of tools to track a variety of things. Thanks to Obsidian’s use of Markdown, I can continue using purpose-built apps and systems to get data (as text) into Obsidian. Great apps like Actions for Obsidian even let me do it on my phone.


For all of the things I want to have associated with a particular day, should I use a massive list of YAML properties in the Daily Note for all key value pairs from all apps?


Would it be better, and more supportable/flexible, to create date stamped entries with properties unique for each set of data?

For example, I have a daily checklist for X with 10 key value pairs. I have another for Y with 20 key value pairs. Another for Z with 3 pairs. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Should I have a record like note yyyy-MM-dd for X (with YAML for 10 pairs), then a different note called yyyy-MM-dd for y (with YAML for 20 pairs), etc.?

I’ll want to have dashboards, and trackers and Dataview tables, etc. for all of this, sliced and diced a variety of ways, depending upon the context.

And at the end of the year, I’d also want to export these databases as CSVs for import into other applications, like printing a physical journal for the year, with structured data available to lay out with design tools like Adobe InDesign, using data merge.

I’d love to hear from anyone doing something similar with lots of data trackers, entries, etc., and how you pull it all together!! Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences!