Seeking a way to eviscerate needless spellcheck in editing view

Disable spellcheck completely

Hi users, one of my pages is rife with peculiar words, making it quite woven with red underscores; aside from annoying and useless I can’t see the underscore character when used.

In this current version of Obsidian I don’t have a Settings icon anywhere, or any right-click that takes me to a Settings pane; there’s a youTube Brit showing the gear icon at lower left, apparently produced a year ago, which would be a marvel to have but I have no such thing.

Things I have tried

The closest I came in searching help volumes is the post about spellcheck intruding into the entry naming operation.

The little I have access to is the Preferences file in the AppData/Roaming folder, a tiny file with three entries for spellcheck; the one reading {“enable_spellchecking”:true} looks especially effective, yet even after making it false, I still get a screenful of red underscores when editing. Then on each restart of Obsidian, that file is overwritten, setting the enable value back to ‘true’, and filling data into the “spellcheck” dictionary specs entry where I stripped it down to { }, intending to deprive the function of a clue as to what dictionary to use.

Aren’t there users out there with pages full of singular words that want to get the red latticework swept off the screen?

I do etymology in my notes so I get a lot of red in my editor here and there. I need to live with it.
Spellcheck can be turned off in Settings > Editor > Behavior > Spellcheck.
Also, see the CSS method (which I did not try):

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