Seeking a Solution for Organizing Hundreds of Chaotic Notes in My Vault

Here’s My Problem

I have over 500 notes in my Vault, and they’re incredibly chaotic. I once tried to organize them using folder structures, but this led to a massive, unwieldy structure, and I’ve completely lost track of where everything is. I previously attempted to manage them using hashtags, but now I have so many hashtags that I’ve lost track of what’s what.

I then tried to give my notes a coding in the name, as known from the Zettelkasten system, but now I have even less overview. I even took all the notes out of the folders and placed them directly into the Vault, but that hasn’t helped me organize them either. Currently, I have to constantly acquaint myself with my notes, and I even hesitate to create new ones.

Is there a plugin that can help me organize all my existing notes? Or is there an AI plugin that analyzes all my notes and assists me in creating a meaningful order?

Some tips:

  • Think about what your notes are for and what might make them convenient to access when you’re using them.
  • Name notes in a natural way that makes clear what’s in them. Aliases let you use multiple names for the same note if needed.
  • Consider using a few broad folders instead of a massive structure.
  • You can make notes that are guides to other notes (at minimum, a list of links).
  • The Quick Switcher helps find notes by name quickly.
  • When that doesn’t help, try Search (and consider renaming the note or adding an Alias when you find it). Tags can help to filter searches.
  • Bookmark notes, folders, and searches that you use often (for example, notes that are guides to other notes).