See most frequently created back link in a folder

What I’m trying to do

I want to know the most commonly backlinked note in a folder
I’m trying to create a dataview table which shows
Name of Note | total number of links | linked notes | number of links in specific note
code XXX | 20 | note a | 10
note b | 2
note c | 8

code xxx | 10

and so forth

Things I have tried

I have tried asking Chat GPT - it gives an invalid query using ^ and linksto()

I can use this data view code block to see the total number and notes where the backlink has been created from this thread : File notes ordered by number of backlinks
and this one How do I view/search for notes with the most links?

But while they show me the big picture, I want to see the detail for each note and be able to exclude some notes as the appearance of a backlink in things like indexes is throwing off the results.

Any help most appreciated! I am a non-coder / mostly a noob but slowly getting better.

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