See metadata/properties in preview mode

I am currently update to version 1.4.4 and using the properties plugin. Is there any way I can see the properties with the preview mode?

I was using the script: (but it is not working anymore)

.markdown-preview-view:not(.show-frontmatter) .frontmatter-container {
  display: block;

By default, the Properties view is shown in editing and reading modes.

The setting here, selecting either Visable or Source, will show the Properties in editing mode:

What theme are using using? Perhaps that or some other CSS is causing an issue? :thinking:

Thanks for your help. But this is not allow me to see it on the preview page. is it possible to see the properties when trigger the page preview?

If you are talking about popup preview, it is not possible to see properties there. Open a feature request.

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