Security and privacy

My question

Does Obsidian keep any copies of Notes or similar user data anywhere else other than the vault? For example, in a Windows AppData temporary or other folder?

Reason for the question

I’m trying to see that if I create a directory encrypted with Veracrypt where I would keep all my notes, would all these data be secure (that is confined to the Veracrypt folder) or would there be some “spillage” of data or data fragments elsewhere in my PC?

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Some metadata (e.g. for enabling/speeding up the linking functionality) is stored outside the vault.

Also you need to disable the File Recovery plugin (that plugin keeps full copies of your files outside the vault for recovery purposes).


Thank you for the information. Do we know where the file Recovery data are kept? If we knew that I could encrypt the related folder(s) too.

All Is stored in databases managed by chrome/electron within appdata/…


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