Sections defined by ### not correctly shown in reading mode

Hi everyone,

I’m rather new to obsidian but not that new to markdown. Being using it quite often via R Language (RMarkdwon)

I’m using obsidian as second brain, as they say.
I was taking notes from a Python crash course and defined sections using ### using H3.

They show correctly in edit mode but when I click to switch to reading mode, some sections titles (often the last ones) disappear.

The rest of the paragraphs or text is shown. Even code blocks. But not the titles. And I’m using those titles to separate the sections.

Any hints to help me?
Couldn’t find anything about that in the docs.

Thanks in advance!


As I already said in your other post, some information would be helpful! Are you using any custom themes or snippets? Could you share a screenshot?

Thanks for your reply

This is editing mode:

Note the “Object Oriented Programming” section

This is the reading mode and you can see that that section does not appear:

Hope that helps

I’d be looking for some unterminated code blocks somewhere in the missing part. I reckon live preview handles that differently than reading view, and that’s what causing the mismatch.

To determine if this is actually the cause, try looking for the missing triple backticks, or potentially try adding (and removing later on) some triple backticks at different places to see what changes.

If this doesn’t help you need to show more of the text. Aka show all of the source markup, and not the live-preview version.


I did what you said about include additional ``` and then deteled them and that seemed to work.

Don’t know what that could have been but it looks like it’s fixed.

Thank you very much for your help!!


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