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Hi, (sorry for the title, I couldn’t think of anything better) I would like to know whether there is the possibility in Obsidian to select a note, let’s say the “INDEX” note of my Zettelkasten, and, at the same time, all the notes that have a direct or indirect connection to this note. So, for instance, I have a note called “Personal Knowledge Management MOC” which is connected to “Academic Skills MOC”, which is then connected to “AREAS” and then to “INDEX”. If I select the “INDEX” note, through this function, I would also select “AREAS”, “Academic Skills MOC” and “Personal Knowledge Management MOC”. Does it make sense?

If you open and note and then open its “local graph” via the three dot menu next to the close button, you get a reduced graph view of notes.

By default It only shows notes it links to and notes that link to it, rather than your entire vault. In the top corner of the local map there is a slider that lets you increase the “distance” into the full graph those links go. i.e. the default is “Showing nodes 1 connection away” - drag it to the right and you could increase that number all the way to “Showing nodes 5 connections away”.

Depending how heavily linked your notes are, jumping up to 2 or 3 connections can pull in a whole lot more notes.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you osgav. I was aware of this possibility. However, what I’m searching for is a way to “select” those notes and eventually move them in another vault or folder in the same vault. I’ll explain better why I need it in a couple of words:
I started collecting notes more or less randomly. Then, I discovered the method of writing MOC notes that should connect a cluster of note according to their topic. Now, in my vault I have ordered notes that are all linked together to general MOC and, eventually, to the INDEX note. Beside them, I’ve also old notes that are not yet being connected mediately or immediately to the INDEX. I would like to get rid of these notes, that is, move them in another vault or somewhere else, in order to have a vault perfectly organized in which I can keep my evergreen notes.

So I think what you are asking for is being able to traverse the graph through global search. This is not available right now, but it’s a great feature request.

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I see. I will then write it down in the feature requests section. Best!