Searching the files in source mode

Hi you all,
I want to be able to search my files in source mode. For example when I want to search for a specific mathematical expression which I know I have written down in Latex I am currently not able to search for it. Every plugin that I encountered was alway about searching files in their reading mode but never their source mode.


If you want to search in notes content than you can use Search panel (on left site) or write query (search block):

content: {i\theta}


More about filters:

Can you explain more what you are trying to do?

The default search in the sidebar should be able to find any text that is in a note — whether you’re viewing the bite in source mode doesn’t matter,

You mention plugins only searching in reading mode. If you are trying to display search results or any other kind of special rendered view in source mode, it won’t work. You can (usually) view those things in the Live Preview editing mode.

Sorry actually it works now as you guys said, I don’t know what went wrong when I tried to search for source mode content the first time, but thank you for your quick replies!

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