Searching for Uncreated Notes

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What I’m trying to do

I’d like to do one of two things…

My first option would be to run a dataview query to show all uncreated files and the number of links to them. For example, I’ve linked to a note called “Joy” quite a bit with the intent of creating that file in the future. I’d like to have a table of all of these uncreated notes, sorted by how many inbound links they have.

If that’s not possible, how do I search for uncreated notes? I’d like to apply a filter to them in the graph view.

Things I have tried

I’ve tried a number of dataview queries. My latest is the following:

TABLE WITHOUT ID out AS "Uncreated files", length(file.inlinks) as Total FLATTEN file.outlinks as out WHERE !(out.file) AND !contains(meta(out).path, ".") AND length(file.inlinks) > 10 SORT Total DESC LIMIT 20

But this doesn’t seem to work correctly (I copied this from another thread).

I’ve searched quite a bit, but can’t seem to find this topic anywhere which leads me to believe it isn’t possible?

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the “find orphaned files and broken links” plugin can be handy in this situation, though not as elegant as a dataview solution perhaps


Yes, that’s what i have used in the past. It made a note with them all listed if I remember.

Here’s a dataviewjs script for listing unresolved links.


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