Searching for text and including PDF content

What I’m trying to do

1 - upload PDFs
2 - be able to search for phrases in Obsidian for it to include PDF sources

Things I have tried

Uploading PDFs but no joy

That could be a feature request. Obsidian does not search PDF’s thus far.

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Thanks - looks like I’ll have to copy/paste the PDF text into Notion then

Have a look at:


If you are copy/pasting PDF text, you can equally well paste it in Obsidian. You probably mean that you can store the PDF’s into Notion then search their contents there.

LogSeq has full PDF annotation integration. I am not sure whether one can searhc PDF there. However, PDF annotation is on the roadmap for Obsidian. I am not sure if that will include searching into PDF, but that will certainly include copying highlighted sections into notes, which then can be searched.

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oh cool - this looks very interesting. Thanks!

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