Searching for an external tool to compile my notes

Hi everyone!
I’ve been using Obsidian for several weeks now and I’m about to buy a sync service since I’m very very happy with this app, but I have some questions about the way I use it. Usually, I use Obsidian in conjunction with RStudio: I export my notes, compile them with RStudio and get a PDF made in LaTex which is for me perfect to rewrite scientific articles. But, when I’m not on my Mac, working on an iPad, I can’t compile my notes. I used Texifier in this perspective, but it does not take in account my YAML frontmatter. Which tool could I use in order to compile my Obsidian notes in an iPad? Thanks for your answers.

It seems like the Obsidian ios app will be the perfect solution.

You can sync via - iCloud (free), Git (free), or Sync (paid)

Then just open your vault on the iPad.

Thank you for your answer. I know that I can use Obsidian ios app as a geat sync tool. But, my question is: how to export my Obsidian notes in order to get a LaTex PDF?

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