Search Your Local Calibre with a Link from Obsidian


I just added a external link to Calibre from inside a literature note.

This is how that looks.

[The 1-Page Marketing Plan](<calibre://search/_?q=The 1-Page Marketing Plan>)

When you click the link it searches for the query (denoted with ?q=) in your current library (Replace the underscore with your preferred library. Leave it to search the currently selected one).

Easy when you want to pull up a book real quickly.

Calibre version 5.5 and higher required.

EDIT: You can also pull up the exact book via its book-id. Searching is faster, for me.


Doesn’t work on the (rather old) machine I’m currently on (protocol not registered), have to try on a newer system later. Will that also work if Calibre is closed?

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Hey Matthias. That’s unfortunate.

It looks like your machine did not ‘register’ the calibre:// custom browser protocol. I am not sure why it didn’t. Perhaps for security reasons or like you mention it plainly ‘too old’.

It does work when Calibre is closed. On MacOS, for sure. Can’t say for other systems.

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Got it. Typical problem with non-Arch-based Linuxes: Old software. Even the latest Linux Mint 20.2 came only with Calibre 4.99.12.

Manually installed Calibre 5.23 and it all works.

Thanks for the nice suggestion, especially the link. This can turn out really useful.

One more job for my Syncthing now: Sync my Calibre libraries … :wink: Hope that works out, since they use their own database and state one shouldn’t add/remove in the library folder …

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Ah. Gotcha. Calibre URL scheme support came with 5.5. I will update the original post to reflect that requirement.

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