Search within .txt files

imported all my notes in .txt files to obsidian vault. installed plugin “unitade”.
everything works well. however, when i tried to search something, all the .txt files are not included in the search result.

What I’m trying to do

i am trying to find out if obsidian can index .txt files thus get better search results.

Things I have tried

i have googled and turned on “detect all files extensions” in files and links. still doesn’t work.

Try installing the Omnisearch plugin, that is capable searching in other file types as well as markdown. I’m using it to search in javascript and CSS files, and it can search txt files too.

thank you for the reply.
i tried omnisearch. the problem is omnisearch doesn’t search tags. (or i can’t find out how to use it to search tags?)

I’ve not used it extensively, but my impression is that it’s a pure text search engine. Aka you should be able to search for tags if you search for the text part of it, and don’t include the #. Remember that the hash, #, isn’t present in the properties when you type in the tags, it’s added as visual styling.

I had no issues finding tags using this method, and if I wanted to find a tag in the text, I could just search with the hash, #, again in front of the tag name.

thanks, holroy. i tried out omnisearch more. like you said, it is possible to search txt files. the search of tags is not as direct but workable. however, i can’t find a way to make a list of the search results like ‘bookmark’ feature in obsidian native search. or simply make a dataview out of omnisearch search result.
looking for a solution. any workaround will be much appreciated.

Would it be feasible to rename the files to .md? That would be another “workaround”.

I suspect you’ve not read this documentation part then:

The link above showcases how you can use dataview to insert your omnisearch result into a table. And this note, can be bookmarked. :slight_smile: