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Hi everyone. I am trying to learn to use the Dataview plugin want to validate and debug my queries. The Dataview queries seem to work on tags, but on fields that I define, the queries sometimes does not pick them out.

Is there a way to search for metadata entries in all your vault for say: “type: published” . If I enter this in the obsidian search field it does not find them.

There has not been a single reply to this in 5 days. Does that mean that it is not possible to search for information inside the frontmatter of obsidian notes from within obsidian search? Maybe someone can confirm so we can move this to a request for the ability. Using grep ouside in a shell would work, but is not a very clean solution.

Hi @smile4yourself , fellow user here.

Yes, Dataview works fine with fields defined in the metadata.

Could you provide an example of a front matter section you’re using for data, and the Dataview block you’re trying to use to query it? That will go a long way in helping understand what’s going wrong.

thanks for the reply Craig. I was simply trying to prove that the results Dataview was giving me were correct, so I thought that there might be an obsidian-way to search for words within the frontmatter text of notes withing the obsidian search field, but anything I try shows me that obsidian search ignores everything inside the frontmatter except aliases and tags. Do you think that this is correct, or am I off the mark?

Searching the frontmatter from the Obsidian search panel seems to be working for me. Maybe I’m not understanding your question?

Thanks again for your answer. I don’t know what I was doing wrong, but it now works for me too. Now I can go back an learn how to write Dataview queries -:slight_smile:

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