Search with multiple words doesn't turn up results

Steps to reproduce

When I search for single words, Obsidian finds the files.

When I combine words, the files do not show up.

Expected result

I expect that Obsidian combines the phrases I use.

Using operators like AND and OR between the words didn’t help.

Actual result

No results turned up:


I would expect that this file from my Vault folder to show up in the search.


  • Operating system: Windows 64-bit
  • Obsidian version: 0.6.5
  • Using custom CSS: No, just the dark theme.

Additional information

  • There are no errors in the ‘Console’ tab of the developer tools.
  • I searched the forum for similar bugs, but didn’t find any. I might have used the wrong words though, so apologies if this is already reported.

Improvements in search are on the roadmap! :slight_smile: