Search - View Note Names Only in Search Results

Right now, any search populates results from both the note name and the context of within the body of each note. That is great. Please don’t change that.


Please add the option for searches to simply populate just the filenames. Just a nice clean list of note names that carry some instance of the searched term.

To clarify: the search should still return any results found within the body of the note, but the results in the sidebar are just a nice clean list of those note names.


I’d like to also recommend that this be an option for Backlinks and Unlinked Mentions, for similar reasons.


Came here to make this request. Both should be view options, with the ability to easily toggle “search type”

Perhaps this is could be a plugin development (Im not sure what can or cant be a plugin)


I’m hoping it’s built into the official obsidian plug-in list (like Word count and Random note). Fingers crossed.

Definitely! I just made a broad feature request on filtering that seems related. Just connecting with a link in case the devs start merging feature-requests.

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Ah yes, Boolean search support as well would be closely related to this request

The ability to toggle this on and off would be so useful! Sometimes when I go searching I’m trying to find something and don’t know where it is or exactly what I’m looking for, so the expanded view is important (“what have I read that mentions this thing before?” for instance), but sometimes I’m just trying to filter the files I see based on something specific. When I search for a tag, I just want a list of files containing it; I don’t need to see the context because all my tags are at the beginning of the document anyway.


this problem is a nightmare for me because i migrated all my notes from notion and every attachment for each page is stored inside a folder with same name as the page thus every time search for any page, all those attachments also shows up . same is true for back link suggestion

Ya, I love this option because I typically use search to find a file I know has a keyword in its title. My suggestion for this feature would be to have ranked search.

  1. Top of list is Exact Matches
  2. Titles that have word set in it
  3. Titles that match it Fuzzy
  4. Tags that match it
  5. Body of text that matches it exactly
  6. Body of text that matches it fuzzy

Nice ranked list!
I’d like to add that if there’s results ranking, the user should be able to re-order their rank priority in settings.