Search using tags in whole block/section


What I’m trying to do

My approach using Obsidian is - using daly notes which consist of section like this

## `1230` - Something happend @1230

Some very important thing and so on. And I add 

> #important-thing #tag1


## `TIL` - I learned something about #obsidian..
... which si very useful

> #obsidian #learn #tag2


## `FYI` - Some other thing

about something

> #thing #some

So basically there is always a header ##, some content and a > where I add additional tags.

My goal is to be able to search using tag (autocomplete) and get result of this blocks.

I’m open for any suggestions (native or plugin).
My last resort would be trying to make my own plugin.

Things I have tried

I tried with section() and tag but two biggest problems are:

  1. there is no autocomplete of tag (since you are actually searching for string #tag1
  2. the native result does not show whole section

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