Search text file should align to left

Steps to reproduce

Open search pane.

Expected result

Search text pane aligned to the left for maximum typing space.

Actual result

Search text pane aligned to the right


  • Operating system:
  • Obsidian version:
  • Using custom CSS:

This might be overriden by various .css configs but it should override to always align to the left.

Additional information

I have it center aligned? Are you sure you are not using a custom css?

When switching .css it looks like the search pane alignment changes, now middle. Is it doable to lock it down left only? Also the text field should grow to take max size of the pane width.

we’ll look into it.

I have the same issue:

I’m using ‘Obsidian Boom’ custom CSS.

What happens if you change css and then revert back to normal? I am afraid you updated but are still with the old css.