Search tags/path in search pane with autocomplete disappears immediately after typing

My problem is that in the “search option” / “tag: search for tags” appears a pane with existing tags but I am not able to select one with autocomplete, because it disappears when I begin writing. Only the result comes up when the complete word is written in which has a search result.
Without autocomplete, it is hard to search effectively.


I don’t undestand post a screen recording

When I search by tags in the search panel all the tags appear.
But when I begin to write the tags I looking for all the tags disappear, so I am
not able to choose from them by autocomplete but I have to write the whole word to get the result. The autocomplete could help us to find the right tags we are looking for.




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I agree
It would be even better to have a separate tag search window in the tags column
And the search for the tag was incomplete and there was no need to write the whole tag correctly

And the folder capability for tags was great

Hi WhiteNoise,

Could you pls say something about the search tags matter?
Do you think you are going to deal with it?

Eventually, we will deal with it.


Tag autocomplete is one of my most used features in Edit mode. Having it available in Search would be great.

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+1, i think this used to work and is very important for finding a tag to search if you have lots of subtags

+1 Very important feature

Should be merged resp. considered together with Show auto-completion of tags in graph filtering field.