Search support for custom views

Use case or problem

I am the developer of the DataLoom plugin. I register a custom view with the extension .loom. Application data is stored in JSON format. Obsidian doesn’t index custom views when producing search results. So the JSON data in a .loom file does not appear in the search leaf.

Proposed solution

I believe that custom views should be searchable when the Detect all file extensions option is enabled.

I would also propose that another settings option be added where you can specify individual extensions that you would like to detect. This would be more customizable than having to turn on detection of all file extensions.

Current workaround (optional)

There is currently no workaround

Related feature requests (optional)

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For something like this, there’s multiple parts. You’d also need a way for plugins to register custom search result views, since even if Obsidian searched the JSON file, there is no way for the Search view to know how to render .loom results. I think this is probably better off as an feature request for the API first

@liam I agree that there are multiple parts. Although, the basic MVP doesn’t have to be that complex. Going from nothing to something is progress. So even if a piece of raw JSON was rendered and the matching search term was highlighted, that would be a good first implementation.