Search spellcheck dictionary for suggestion after built-in dictionary

It would be helpful if the custom spellcheck dictionary was searched for suggestions after the built-in dictionary was searched.

For example, let’s say the word syslog was added to the custom dictionary by using the “right click on misspelled word -> Add to dictionary” flow. Normally, I would expect that when a word like syslof is typed into the editor, that my custom dictionary entry, syslog would appear in my list of suggestions. At the moment, my custom dictionary entry does not appear in the list.


So this partly seems to be working now, but does not work for capitalization.

For example, let’s say I have a custom defined word: WomBats, when I place a the undefined word Wombats into the editor, I would expect that the phrase WomBats would be a suggested word, but it isn’t.

This is a bit nitpicky, but may be important for adherence to branding, trademarks, etc

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