Search Results: Include spellings with international characters

If I write an an article about Phở Gà (Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup) and later search for Pho Ga, no results come up in Obsidian.

Most internationally aware search tools include this character awareness and interchangeability. It would be nice if Obsidian did as well.

Another example. Here’s a list of variations on the letter A
Áá Àà Ảả Ãã Ạạ Ăă Ắắ Ằằ Ẳẳ Ẵẵ Ặặ Ââ Ấấ Ầầ Ẩẩ Ẫẫ Ậậ

Searching for tập should also show results for tap and vice versa.


Use case

Improved search for special characters.

Proposed solution

Make it like something like Windows File Explorer. If you search with special characters like č and get results for files words with č as well as c. It goes the other way as well if you search c you get results for c,č,ć.