Search results contain only the content of the notes?

When I search for a keyword in Obsidian, do I only get notes with that keyword in the note content, but not notes with that keyword in the note name?

My language is Chinese.

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In 0.8 we added filename search.

Thanks for you reply. The am using the v0.8.0 of Obsidian, however, I still can not search the filename.


When I want to search a file named ‘笔记模板’,


but I can not obtain the file in the search list.


Please checkout the docs and the changelog.

I have to say that needing to use “file:” to search filenames is not useful…

I don’t keep track of what the filenames are - I’m simply doing a search that will hopefully find the term wherever applicable.

I can see how using “file:” would be good to ONLY search in filenames, but I can’t think of any use case for not wanting to include them in a general search. This is how any search in existence works - be it Windows or any search utility. By default (if contents are indexed) it will include contents and filenames in the search, but you flag the filename if that’s all you want to look for.

Can some sort of amendment be made to reflect this?

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On further thought, in addition to the “file:” operator, I think a “content:” operator would be useful as well - allowing you to specify which type of search you want to do. But the default does both.

Here is a screenshot from OneNote - it separates Title Results from Content Results. This might be a particularly good solution to this problem. I have a couple thousand notes that I’ve imported from Onenote and not having this makes it extremely hard to tidy them up and use.

@nixsee This is not a bug per se but a feature request. So search\open in feature request.

Indeed, just discovered this frustrating behavior and completely agree with you on this. What’s the benefit of omitting filenames from search results when I (and guess many other people) intentionally try my best to give my notes very meaningful names?

I suggest this behavior to be changed to previous behavior or be re-enabled either by default or via settings.

@zhixiangcai, would you move this thread to Bug Reports or to Feature Requests please?


You can use the syntax to search:

file: notename

This post is now in the graveyard. I already created a Feature Request here for filenames in search results by default