Search Query - Don't Show Markup Formatting in Results. Possible?

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What I’m trying to do

I often markup documents with tags for things I want to remember. I use a search query to return the results. But the problem is that the results also show the markup formatting, like “=” for highlight and “**” for bold. This is very distracting and hard to read. Is is possible to return results w/ the formatting omitted, or better yet, like in dataview, show it in preview mode? It doesn’t seem to have any effect if the note is in edit or preview mode.

In this post, it sees like preview gives a rather nice display of a query vs. what I get in my screenshot, so it seems that there might be a “preview” mode of search results, but for me, there’s no difference between modes. Charlie’s Easy Indexes

Refer to this post. Use the query control plugin. Need to install manually or via BRAT (search “brat” in community plugins).

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