Search on selected text

A feature common to a lot of text editors and IDEs is that if you have text selected when you launch search, the selected text is added to the search query. I think this is a vital feature for Obsidian if the goal is connecting ideas. While you are reviewing content, this would allow you to quickly see whether it was used elsewhere.


+1 This would be useful.

Btw, has anyone requested search on preview mode, yet? Probs wont be a problem by the time WYSIWYG is up and running that may be ways away.

@jellishero The forum search function is quite good.

You can vote for searching in Preview mode here: Use 'Search current file' in Preview mode

yeah I found it sometime after, but forgot to edit. Sometimes Iā€™d rather ask when the thought popped up than to forget it and remember in a few weeks or months.

Implemented in the upcoming insider release.