Search on Canvas

Does the Canvas has the Search ability??

I have create this and is a working process as it meant to be at least 10 times or more larger. Any idea how I will be able to locate what name I want??

Fyi all this cards will be notes.

Addition to that can I set colours (automatically ) on certain category that I will create on the cards as well as the lines?

Also there is an option to some how to be printed when this gonna be need it, or is too early for this?


Global Search support

Content from text cards will now appear as search results in the global search view.

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Thanks for that, I just update my obsidian

Addition to the above I want when I choose to Category Titan as per picture to give a certain colour on the card or if I set an other option on this metadata to set a colour on the card or I have to make ti manually??

As their are a couple of thousands of entries :sweat_smile:

I don’t know if this is actually possible with frontmatter of that sort, would be neat though.
However @sailKite recently posted a working css snippet that applies to notes & cards with a certain tag.

.canvas-node-container:has(.tag[href="#Category/Titan"]) {
    border-color: yellow;

This would give every note or card that has the tag #Category/Titan a yellow border in the canvas.

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Unfortunately, this does not apply the border & background colour to the placeholder when zoomed out and I couldn’t get the :has selector to work with .canvas-node-placeholder::after. Maybe @sailKite could help here?

Thank you for that!!

The global search function might work but I would like to reply to this thread because I often can’t find where I’ve put one of my notes, therefore a simple “search card” function would be awesome:

void search(String token){
    for (Card card : graph.getAllCards()) {
        if (card.containsEqualIgnoreCase(token) {
  ; //highlight

Hey, i apologize for the rather delayed follow-up here, as i do not use the forums very often. Unfortunately, regardless of whether using a marker tag or a cssclass in YAML, when zooming out far enough on Canvas, all of the embeds and elements are replaced with placeholders that emulate the appearance but preserve very little of the information provided by the content, making it impossible to create a similar snippet that works when zoomed out.

It’s definitely possible to use cssclass YAML values instead of a marker element or tag, which is a nice option for certain cases (though other YAML keys cannot be used, sadly).


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