Search limited to folder or a group of folders

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What I’m trying to do

I want to limit the search to a specific folder or to a grupu of folderes e.e. folder and its subfolderes
Thank you

Things I have tried

You’ll get better help if you follow the template.

Open that folder as a vault and then search in the new vault.

Effectively creates a nested vault.
But do everything apart from search in the big vault unless you have wrapped your mind around the implications of working in a nested vault system.

use path:MyFolder or path:Folder/MySubFolder in the query string

Use path, then in round brackets the search term. E.g.:
path:Canines (dog)

If you have a whitespace in the folder (which you can pick from the suggester), double quotes are used. Same for more than one search terms. E.g.:
path:"80 Animals" ("cats and dogs")

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