Search issues

So further to being pointed into the direction of search syntax, I have another issue.

My daily note contains a block with the following content:

#journal 2021-01-05 Meeting around Customer Support Documentation

[[Jason]], [[Lorie]]

  • Can speak to abc to help with [[xyz]]'s list of tickets
  • Get [[123]] to go through stuff - would make for a good intial exercise

My search query is:

line:“jason” (tag:#agenda)

It’s returning the above block as a result despite the #agenda tag not being included in that line. Am I constructing the search syntax incorrectly or is there an issue here?

The query is returning 5 results but that combination of “jason” AND “tag:agenda” only appears once within a single line in that document.


yes, you are constructing the syntax incorrectly.

I have just checked that we don’t support nesting tag under line. So the workaound for you is this

line:(jason #agenda)

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