Search is not working

Hi. Search is completely dead for me. I cannot search for anything. I also cannot click on tags as that seem to rely on the search feature.

Things I have tried

I have tried to change to default theme. I have also tried to disable all custom plugins.
I have also tried to switch different features of the search on/off. But since not even tags are working I think its something in the core functionality.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to search and klick on tags.

I can also mention that “right clicking” on a tag in the list of tags does not work. No popup menu comes up.

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What installer version is in use?

Obsidian > Preferences > About > Installer version > ???

Does search work in the sandbox / help vault?

Help > Open Help > Sandbox Vault

Do you get any error messages at all in the Developer Tools > Console view?

(Go View > Toggle Developer Tools, and select the Console pane in there. Trigger a search, and see if there are some error messages at the bottom of the list. )

I also suggest restarting Obsidian; there are some plugins that hook into Search but don’t properly unload themselves when they get disabled, so the best way to make sure that a plugin is not interfering is to restart the app after disabling plugins.

I can also mention that “right clicking” on a tag in the list of tags does not work. No popup menu comes up.

There is no right-click menu for the tag menu in the core app. I believe the Tag Wrangler plugin adds a right-click menu, but there isn’t one in the core app.


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Nothing in the console when using search.

I disabled all community plugins, switched to default theme and restarted obsidian. No luck.

Personally, I would delete and then reinstall Obsidian to get the v1.0.3 installer.

I made some progress in narrowing down the problem.
It’s in my vault!

If I open another vault or create a new empty vault; search is working. So the Obsidian app is not broken.
I moved all folders and files out of my faulty vault except for 1 tiny note and it still did not work. Looking in the terminal I see that there is a hidden folder called “.obsidian”. The problem must lie in there somehwere.
Any suggestions to what to do? Perhaps I should just move all my files/folders into a freshly created vault and start enabling plugins, change settings etc. to manuallt restore what I had setup.
But it would be nice to also find the real problem…

Could not let this go. :slight_smile:
By removing each file one by one and restarting the vault I found it to be the app.json file. It looks like this:

It is causing the search to not work. If I delete it - search works again.

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Aha! I got it now. I can reproduce. It is a bug…

Look at my app.json it has a userIgnoreFilter of “” which becomes an ignore everything.
This is very easy to create by mistake. You just go into the Files & Links setting and press the “Add” button to create an empty regexp. It will look like this:

There should be a check for this so users don’t enter such a catch all regexp as it will break search completely.


I was having the same problem - thanks so much for your solution - it was exactly that!

@johanlund You just made my day, I was wondering for several days now, what this was. I also tried with a fresh .obsidian folder and noticed that it works then, but never got down to the app.json.
Many thanks!

Interesting, I wasn’t aware of this issue. I added a check so that this won’t happen again. Will be added to the next version.

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