Search is not working properly

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to search through all files.

Things I have tried

I have tried everything, the search results only search in some files but not all. The files that are not searched seem to be random. I have tested this by searching for content I know is in the files that don’t come up in search results. There doesn’t seem to be anything different or special about the files that aren’t searched.

Edit: I should add there is only one file I found that is definitively not getting searched. I am just assuming there are others because I have hundreds of files and hundreds of thousands of words. It seems like most files are getting searched. I tried deleting this problem file and recreating it but it still isn’t getting searched. This is totally ridiculous but I can’t think of anything that should cause this or anything else I can do to trouble shoot or fix it.

Most likely there is something strange with that one file. Seeing that file could be helpful.
First, however, I would repeat the search in a new vault with just that file or a few files.

If the file is too personal/private to post here, and the search fails in a new vault I would try to locate the problem by duplicating the file, and in one of them remove the last half, and in the other remove the first half and then search for something in either part.

Most likely you’ll find stuff in just one of the parts, so then you can repeat the process of dividing that part to locate what’s making that part unsearchable.

Make sure you double check the little Aa symbol in the search field. Do you have it turned on or off? That is case-sensitivity. If you have it turned on, that might explain why you are missing some matches.

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