Search involving tags does not work reliably

In the above search query, the first two results do not match the criterion of “containing exact text [/]” but nonetheless they show up in the result list.

If I remove the tag condition then it appears to work correctly with only one search result.

I don’t think the results you are getting are wrong. Read this:

The file it matches matches all criteria you specified. There are lines matching either of your text alternatives. So it’s not wrong in returning them in the result list.

If you added either #low-effort or [/] into another file, and not the other, you’ll see that search is correctly not returning that file since it doesn’t have both of your expression.

The solution to your query, is to be even more specific and require that the search term co-exists on the same line, so try this one instead:

line: ("[/]" "#low-effort")

Now we require the search term to be present on the same line, in addition to both of them being present.

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