Search in PDF?

I have been searching for so long now and can’t find a solution.
I would like to search pdf for text.

so far I have not found a plugin.
omnisearch does not work!

is there a way to search for text in pdf
and then display it?

thanks already

I am working on a MacBook Air (macOS 12.6 Monterey). I also have Devonthink which comes with Optical Character Recognition. It scans PDF documents and creates a mini file version with the text so the pdf contents can be searched. Look for OCR for you operating system. you will then be able to search.

Omnisearch dev here. The PDF feature is currently in beta, and is an opt-in setting. It’s still a work-in-progress, and you can install it through BRAT. Warning though: when I say “beta”, I mean it: you might encounter some bugs or freezes :slight_smile:

The current version does not use OCR, it simply tries to extract the text (and does it more or less correctly).


This sounds very good and I am very excited :slight_smile:

can you already say when it will be officially released ?
something like this?
I know, development always takes time and costs nerves and especially time :slight_smile:

with text it is completely sufficient

thanks for the development

hello, i don’t want to use an external program. i will be happy when the development for the pdf search plugin is done :slight_smile:

now i help myself with the plugin “Obsidian Topic Linking Plugin” - the workaround is not so good, but it works for now.

run command to convert the pdf to markdown
then you can search normally …
the plugin creates notes and at the top is then the link to the pdf…

it is first of all a possibility … i don’t think there is a better one yet…
many greetings

Thanks :slight_smile:

I had to do more work than initially thought, so I’m planning for a release early November. No hard promise though :stuck_out_tongue:


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