Search function and case sensitivity

I searched in the help section but didn’t find an answer to my question.

What I’m trying to do


I would like to be able to find a word/text with the search function, also if I use lowercase instead of uppercase letters (or the other way around).

Possible scenario: I remember that I once wrote about Stonehenge in some of my notes. But i can’t remember in which. So I type Stonenenge into my searchbar/global search to see where the word was mentioned. But I don’t get any results, because in the note it was not written with a capital S but with a small s, that is stonehenge instead of Stonehenge. I would only get a result when I search for stonehenge. Same thing the other way around - when a word is written with small letters only but i search with capital letters, I also don’t get any results. Also I would like to perform just one search to find all the mentions of stonehenge and Stonehenge. Of course, I could just leave out the first letter and just search for tonehenge, but thats not a satisfying solution.

Short version: when I perform a global search for “stonehenge”, I would like to get “Stonehenge” and “STONEHENGE” to be listed in my results as well, not only “stonehenge”.

Any hint is appreciated.

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I think what you’re looking for is the “Aa” toggle at the top of the search area. Click on it to cycle between requiring the Cap and not


From the Obsidian help page on Searches you can type ignore-case(stonehenge) to make it not case-sensitive. This is an alternative to the “Aa” button @Viktor_Sirin mentioned.


Thank you very much, question answered!

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