Search for first part of nested tags

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Try to search for #ABC/ An astrick does not bringup the other files. eg., ABC/xzy

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to search for files with certain tags so that I can use Linter to give those tags a dataview tag.

Things I have tried

I am trying to use only the first part of the nested files to bring up all files with the same first word or before the slash. So, #ABC/ should bring up #ABC/xyz #ABC/qrs #ABC/vds

maybe I should look for all tags starting with #ABC/ and add tags:: #ABC. That will also be searchable in Dataview, I think. Those double colon tags can be anywhere in the text, I believe.

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For me, a “regular” search of “#ABC” or “#abc/” retrieves all files with tags starting with “#ABC”. When you mention “search for files”, do you mean searching using dataview instead? If that is the case, what query do you use?

same problem :frowning: