Search for 'exact' tag only

If I have #publish & #published tags and I search only for the tag #publish, Obsidian also shows #published in the search results: Because the word “published” contains “publish” in it.

I know file names can be forced to turn out exact names by placing the argument in brackets - is there a similar way to force Obsisidan to turn out only the exact tag phrase?..

Put ‘tag:’ in front of #publish will give you exact tag search result (search for: tag:#publish)


Great!.. thank you. Is there a list of these guidelines somewhere?

Details on search syntax are here, but it looks like it’s missing tags:

I don’t think it’s missing anything else, though!

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obsoleted today?

Sorry, do you mean it isn’t in that help page? If so, thanks, you’re right!

If you mean it isn’t working for you, strange—it’s working for me.

Yes I meant the former.

Glad that it is still working.

There’s some documentation on tags, it’s not as precise but it might be useful

This syntax tag:#example also pop-up on the search bar when you click on an exisiting tag in a note or in the tag panel

you can also search multiple tags by searching something like
tag:#example tag:#something this will return the notes that have both
tag #example and tag #something in them.

hope that helps

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no, i ran into the same problem. Kuncy helped me out