Search for date properties in Obsidian for iOS

In Obsidian for Windows, I can use the search function to search for files by properties date, e.g: [date-start-event:<1400-01-01]. This results in all files with a start-date-event before 1400. Under Obsidian iOS the same search term does not work. Are there any suggestions?


Operating system: ios17.3.1 (Apple iPhone), Obsidian version 1.4.16 (114)

Please follow and include the entire bug report template when submitting bug reports. Thanks.

Mobile Obsidian hasn’t been publicly updated to 1.5+ yet.

  • Global Search: Search now works with non-string property values. Search for boolean values [property:TRUE] or [property:TRUE] or empty values [property:TRUE]. You can also use inequality operators to search for things like [some_property:>10].

That could be it. If so, you could wait a bit for the public release or try out the TestFlight version (that includes the 1.5+ updates) currently in testing.

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