Search enhancement: Showing related tags or link in search

I currently use [[]] link instead of tags so that I can use multiple words in it at once without needing to do something like #hello-how-are-you.
However, when I want to search a broad topic, such as all the notes inside the course of let’s say [[Introduction to chemistry]].

Sometimes I forget the related tags or link that I want to find. It would be useful to me if there is a function to show related tags or links like in Evernote.

For example, when I search [[Introduction to chemistry]], the related tags/links panel will give me the other link that appear in the page that [Introduction to chemistry]] exists. I have 2 pages, one has the links of [[Introduction to chemistry]] and [[Elements]], another has [[Introduction to chemistry]] and [[atom]]. When I search [[Introduction to chemistry]], both [[Elements]] and [[atom]] will show in the related tags/links panel. I will just have to click them and gather all the related topics that I want to filter the search result quickly.

I understand that graph view may partly achieve this purpose but it may be easier and less heavy to do in the search bar.


I also have this problem