Search doesn't find files

Steps to reproduce

Search for e.g. file:".jpg" (an exact quote from the help vault) with .jpg files present in your vault.

Expected result

.jpg files are displayed

Actual result

No files are displayed


  • Operating system: Windows
  • Obsidian version: 0.10.9

Additional information

At first I thought it was an issue with searching for file extensions, however searching for files using any search string (file: or otherwise) simply doesn’t work.

(Opening the files with the quick switcher or from the file explorer works fine, you just can’t find them with Search.)

If this behavior is as-intended, then consider this a documentation bug report about the misleading file:".jpg" example. :wink:

(FWIW, the use case for this was I wanted to search for what media files already existed in my vault without needing to open file explorer to do a Windows search.)

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I think this is related, thus I don’t open new report.

Internal link auto-completion also doesn’t show files while they’re last recently opened (I think internal link autocompletion also use similar algorithm as quick switcher, that is last recently opened files will show on top).

Step to reproduce:

  • open any files
  • type [[ to prompt internal link auto completion

Expected result :
Recently opened files will show on the top (in this case is pasted image.png and pasted image 1.png)

Actual result :
It doesn’t show on top of internal link auto completion

Obsidian ver: 0.10.9

@jokysatria there is not bug in what you are showing. Just design decision. Search and autocomplete are two different things.

I see, thanks for clarify :pray:

I was just about to post a similar thing.

External files are not found using search unless an md file links to them.

They are found, however, when creating a link to them within an md file:

The pdf was located when typing [[Amex 2021 into the md file to create a link.


Once that link is created, then search results point to the link (but not the original file):


For me
file:".jpg" (from docs)
finds nothing too…

(Obsidian 0.10.13)

will be fixed 0.11.1

I thought I was having this bug now. I used the file search daily for months with no problems. Everyday I searched at least for file:habitt to bring up my HabitTracker.xlsx file. Then I upgraded the editor to live preview, updated my theme at the same time, disabled a couple of plugins and fiddled with my settings. Suddenly, file:habitt no longer brought up HabitTracker.xlsx. But it seems like the search has simply become case-sensitive, if I search for file:HabitT, I still get the expected result.

Turns out I simply accidentally toggled the “Aa” button above the search field, which made the search case-sensitive.