Search deleted files for restoring in Obsidian Sync

Things I have tried

  • Tried ctrl + F in the app while viewing deleted files (also tried with Bulk View)
  • Searched the help pages with the terms “deleted” and “search”, found this but nothing on searching within results
  • Searched this forum with the same search terms, found many posts, but nothing that looks related

What I’m trying to do

  • Using the “Sync” plugin, I can see deleted files. Can I search these for a specific filename?

  • Use case: I can find and restore a specific deleted file via gitlab, but seems like the referenced images were in a simulated folder and not backed up on gitlab (file:///tmp/lu108503zc6lw9.tmp/lu108503zc6lxb_tmp_4aff9fac30219547.png and another one). Now I’m hoping these files might still be accessible via the Sync plugin.

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