Search current file: How to highlight all matches?

when I do a Search current file, I’d like to have all matches highlighted. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance for any hint.

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I’d like this too. I’'m a Scrivener user, and this is how it works there.

I’d also like hotkeys for Find Next and Find Previous.

I’m not sure if it’s what you want, but in preview mode all matches are highlighted.
About hotkeys:

  • Next: Enter or F3
  • Previous: Shift+F3

thank you, it’s helpful. Perhaps it could be further improved like searching in browsers:

  • after entering text, it shows something like 7/10, meaning there are 10 matches and the current match is 7th
  • the current match is in different color

Yes, I agree, they’re a nice features. I suggest that you add a feature request.

Yes, thanks, I know about those, but they’re not configurable. Every macOS app uses cmd+G and cmd+shift+G, and I’m hardwired to those. (I know cmd+G is Graph View, I can change that.) Plus F3 is m-i-l-e-s away for a touchtypist.

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