Search Code Snippets and Display all Code Snippets for a Note/Foldera


I use Obsidian for documentation and code snippets. Sometimes I quickly want to find a code block for quick copy/paste.

I am thinking of a two part plugin:

  • The ability to search Code snippets based on text contents, code block title, code block tag or code block language.
  • The ability to display all code blocks for a given note or folder in the right hand sidebar.

Each of these two modes would allow for copying a code block directly to clipboard.

This isn’t exactly what you asked for but in the mean time maybe the Code block copy plugin might be useful?

I am using that plugin currently and its awesome. However, I have many code snippets in my notes and need a way to quickly view and find them. In this way, I Use obsidian like a snippet manager, as well as for documentation


Hello, I changed the category of this post to “Feature Request” as this seemed to make more sense.

Did you ever find a solution for this, @amarionette?