Search/CMD+O on v1.1.16 is not showing up my notes

Very strange, when I search using cmd+o to open a file, I type in the first few letters of the note and it doesn’t show.

I then have to go into the file finder and open it manually. Is anyone else having this issue?

When I shut obs down and restart it there is a message about indexing - does that shed any light on things?

Do you jump between installations (iOS, Mac, Win, Linux), what kind of sync?

I make a lot of regex changes (still, alas), which when I access a different installation will obviously reindex with the new files.

Sometimes, on the same PC reindexing happens again. What I do now is let reindexing be done, I make some other changes, like install a plugin I don’t necessarily need (I leave it as disabled), make changes to a couple of MD files, close Obsidian (sync to my GitHub) and when I come back, there is no need to reindex again.
I had this problem months ago, usually on Win and Linux, probably never on iOS. That despite having my files indexed, the next trip to the same PC installation would entail reindexing.

Try Cmd+O in the sandbox. Does it work there? Have a look at the other steps here as well →

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