Search by creation date of a note

What I’m trying to do

Search by creation date of a note.
I would really like to search based on the date a note was created. I’m certain that under-the-hood Obsidian can read the file creation dates of notes, because that’s seemingly how the graph’s timelaps animation seems to work.

Things I have tried

Of course I checked Search - Obsidian Help but couldn’t see anything relating to searching for dates.
I’ve been googling for this all all over, but all I could find are 3 year old forum threads asking for a feature like this. So either it was never implemented, or it was but I can’t find documentation on it.

Closest was this two year old thread: How to retrieve creation date from Metadata of a note
But that wasn’t really helpful, most notably because that person did the very helpful thing of saying “thanks, solved it myself” and left, and then does not elaborate how they did it (and the screenshots they posted are both in German and I have no idea what I’m looking at).

So, I did dabble a bit in the Templater plugin, and I think that could possibly access this data, and then perhaps like make add a dedicated property named something like “creation-date”? But that’s a fair deal of work and I wouldn’t even know where to start, and then I assume I’d still have to go through my ~500 notes one-by-one to add this template to every single one?

Not exactly what you are looking for, but you could use dataview to list all notes with a specific creation date. This forum post may be helpful.

It’s generally a good idea to add the creation date as a frontmatter property. It is easier to search for and the file’s creation-date may differ to the actual birth-day. For example, when you have to copy your vault to another machine, those file-properties may get lost.

If you know a bit of python or shell-programming you could add the frontmatter property to your notes via a script. That may save you some work.