Search bar in or for a specific note, searching word in a specific note

Search and find words in an specific note, add a search bar in a note only searching in that note

I’m using Obsidian for a project, and due to it containing two languages (Eng is not my first language) I’ve made a note filled with vocabulary and translations of words I’ve had to look up often. It’s always open in the bottom part of the right field and is in alphabetical order with the English word first followed by their translations, which works well when I quickly want to see what an English word is in Swedish. But now I find it harder to use if I want to find what a Swedish word is in English.

Things I have tried

I’ve tried to search for “add search bar in note”, “search text in note” and “… specific note”, but I only finds solutions for adding a “homepage” with a search bar, or how to find all the notes containing the word. When I search for the word in the search bar I have to scroll trough all suggestions/notes that contains that word trying to find the right note. One “workaround” I found is to search with the name of the vocabulary note (Ordbok in swedish), but I’d rather have a search bar In the vocabulary note and not on the completely opposite side of the screen, and though it works it feels tedious to have to write “ordbok” every time I want to find something in it.

(I’m new to Obsidian, and I’ve realized that in other subjects (often code relater) I have a hard time finding the solutions because it’s a field I’m not familiar/have enough knowledge about so I don’t know the correct terms or ways to find what I’m looking for, so sorry in advance if this is something simple and super obvious)

Hitting Ctrl+F displays and focusses the search bar on top of the note. This remains visible, also when you work in the note or work in a different note in a different pane. It is, I guess, what you are looking for.

Esc will dismiss it, Ctrl+F will always focus it, displaying it if it is not there.

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