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Hi all,
I don’t know whether to go with Evernote or Obsidian. I like Obsidian and love the fact that things are stored on your PC. But I find the ease of use in Evernote a lot easier. For example, if I want to search for the word “pemphigoid” (which, say, is embedded in a pdf or word file) - Evernote will find it. But when I try in in Obsidian, it does not. Obsidian on my set up only searches notes and not attachments - but Evernote does both. Please help. I really want to use Obsidian, and this function is vital to my work. The reason why I don’t want to use Evernote, is because I love the way Obsidian links notes to other notes (back, forward links and network graphs).

many thanks
Ram x

The plugin Ominsearch is very popular and does just that. If you’re also interested in OCR (Optical Character Recognition, i.e. searching within images), you can install the plugin Text Extractor as well which will work in sync with Omnisearch

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Thank you so much, that’s very helpful and kind of you to take time out to reply to me. Restores my faith in Obsidian - was thinking of going to Evernote which does all of this.

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