Search all file where "Domain" field contains (curent file Domain values)

Hello All,

What I’m trying to do

I have a note with tag name “domain”. This tag name contains verious tags (#tag1, #tags2).
At the bottom on this file I would like to get a list of all files contains these tags value (#tag1, #tag2) in their respectif domain field name value.

The domain tags value can be anythings. The search is based on current file domain tags values

Things I have tried

I am struggling for a few moment on it ;-(

WHERE contains(domain, this.file.domain) and ( =

From Creating a Related section with Dataview - #3 by holroy

I change a bit to fit my needs (even if it’s not my initial request !! ) as follow :

WITHOUT ID as Topic, join(file.etags) as Etags, join(filter(tagmatches, (x) => (x != "#dictionnary") and (x != "#todo/dictionnary") )) as Matches 
FLATTEN list(filter(file.etags, (t) => econtains(this.file.etags, t))) as tagmatches 
WHERE length(tagmatches) > 2

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