"Search All" and "Replace all" in current file as a keyboard shortcut

Add a keyboard shortcut for “search all” and “replace all” in when the search (ctrl-f) and replace (ctrl-h) ui are active.

VS Code uses:
Alt-Enter: Search all
Ctrl-Alt-Enter: Replace all

  1. Press Ctrl + H.
  2. Hover over elements. Notice how “Prev”, “Next”, and “Replace” have a keyboard shortcut defined, but “Replace all” doesn’t.

I’m personally using Atom as my default editor, and it uses Enter for replacing one occurence and Ctrl + Enter to replace all occurrences, so I’d be comfortable with that approach.


I second this. My daily workflow involves checklists, so the first step of my day is replacing all instances of [x] with [ ]. I can do everything on the keyboard except for the final replace all. This goes hand in hand with Check and uncheck all checkboxes

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Really would love to see this developed!

I’ve been missing this hotkey since day one.

I’m used to Sublime Text, which uses ctrl+alt+enter as a shortcut for Replace all– but also allows for the shortcut to be customized.

will be implemented in 0.13.18

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