Search a pdf

Use case or problem

When I have an open PDF, Command-F should allow me to find things as it does in md files, so that I can quickly go to the key point I am looking for.

Proposed solution

Add a rudimentary search feature for inside the PDF. Does not need to do OCR, just a basic effort. (Many are off by a bit for some reason).

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)

This is different from Search text in PDFs - I want to be able to search the PDF when it’s open, mainly for navigation. 511 wants to do full text search from within the vault.


I would like to revive this year-old request, that I consider to be for a rudimentary feature. The pdf does not need to be indexed for queries. If it is highlight-able, copy-able, text, it should also be searchable via Command+F (even on mobile)


Full agree! It’s great to be able to seamlessly view PDFs within Obsidian, but being able to search within the PDF text is a basic functionality that I constantly use


I could not believe that the pdf viewer is not capable of searching. This renders it almost useless for me.

Agreed, this would be a HUGE benefit. The lack of being able to search PDFs has turned out to be a much bigger hindrance than I anticipated

Please make this a thing! It would be immensely helpful!